Testimonials & Recommendations


Hi Shirley

Without doubt your expert and professional skill has changed how I feel about my appearance. In 2016, after many years of unsuccessful eyebrow tinting and penciling, you created for me the most perfect eyebrows. I thank you everyday when I look in the mirror. Probably the biggest compliment I get and of course you too, is when people say 'I would never have known your eyebrows were tattooed'. This was from a work colleague sitting right beside me. I told her I was going to Christchurch for the weekend (July 2020) for an eyebrow touch up. I always tell people about you and how you have this ability to just look at someone's eyes or face and know exactly what will work for them. 

Thank you Shirley for the skill you have to change people's lives. 


Kindest regards and sincere thanks. Sandra


Dear Shirley,

It is with my sincerest appreciation I write the following: Nearly twenty months have past since I was first referred to you.

(1) Your care and attention to your clients needs are outstanding.

(2) I will never forget your unceasing professionalism in the way you coped with my extreme fear. This comes from many years of being in front-line positions and my grooming having to be impeccable at all times.

(3) I now look back and realise, you knew all the time with your vast experience what would be and look the best.

(4) However you never, ever went beyond what you knew I could manage.

(5) In summary, if I could turn back the clock my fears were totally, truly unnecessary.

I thank you for your superb skill and patience. I could have had twenty more months of this finished beautiful outlined result much earlier, you knew all along!! Where I needed to get to for the best presentation that suited my facial structure.

What an incredibly talented person you are to be able to walk the road with your Client and never push beyond their Comfort Zone.

Shirley, I would be delighted to speak to any person who is needing that encouragement to trust the true professional you are.

Thank you,



Hello Shirley - I have been meaning to send you an email for the last week to let you know the eyebrows are marvellous. What a great job you did, I am so thrilled it has made all the difference. No fuss in the morning and looking good all day. Sometimes I forget I have had them done and nip into the bathroom to see if I need to touch up!! Thank so much.

See you in the future.

Warm regards,



Dear Shirley - I can't thank you enough for your kind and empathetic approach to me after my reconstruction surgery after breast cancer. The results are fantastic - I look "normal" and feel so much better about myself.

My husband says he can't tell the difference!!

Thank you so much

JW - Christchurch


Shirley Lynch applied permanent make-up to my eyebrows as well as my upper and lower lash line.

I chose Shirley because after much research I felt most confident with her experience and her 'to err on the side of caution' approach.

Shirley has an excellent level of hygiene and a wealth of knowledge gained from her interest and awareness of new techniques. Her high level of experience and her friendly, calm, competent manner put me completely at ease.

I am thrilled with the results and could not recommend her more highly.

Thank you so much.